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An introduction to the Entryfy platform#

Entryfy lets you integrate and automate physical access control into your exisiting business workflows.

We have chosen to use gRPC and protocol buffers for our internal and external API to streamline the development process and simplify for external developers.


gRPC allows you to generate clientside boilerplate code to interact with the Entryfy Platform directly through a method call as if it were a local object thus speeding up the development cycle.

Don't worry, we have lots of examples of how to get started with gRPC, it was new to us too when we started out!

You should also take a look at the offical documentation for a deeper explanation of the concepts behind the technology.

Protocol Buffers#

Protocol buffers are Google's language-neutral mechanism for serializing structured data. You define your data once, then you can use gRPC, as described above, to generated source code to easily communicate with the Entrfyfy Platform using a variety of languages.