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Entryfy Platform is built on the principle of asynchronous communication since connectivity to IoT devices can be prone to delay or interruption.

There won't be an immediate response with a resources identifier and instead developers are encouraged to use UUID, universally unique identifier, to identity and query for resources in Entryfy Platform.

Business Operations (BizOperation)#

A business operation is the heart of the process life cycle at Entryfy. It is returned whenever you create, update or delete something within the platform.

For more information see our knowledgebase article: Introduction to Entryfy Entities

It is used to track the process of the request and go through the different statuses listed below.

  1. Accepted
  2. Pending
  3. Failed or Finished

You can either query our BizOperation endpoint or you can listen to a stream that will return BizOperations as they are transformed.

This way you can be sure that you deliver credentials to customers when the data is available locally and no one is stuck waiting outside for someone else to open the door.